Superfine Nickel Powder

  Superfine nickel powder is a powder obtained through a physical atomization technique, with particle sizes typically ranging from 1 to 50 micrometers. During the atomization process, nickel material is first melted into a liquid state and then sprayed into fine particles using a high-speed airflow. The particles ultimately form superfine powder after cooling. This method produces nickel powder with a high specific surface area and good compressibility, making it widely applicable in the preparation of metal composite materials, catalysts, and batteries.

  When the liquid nickel material is sprayed into fine particles, the particle surface area relative to the volume is very large, so superfine nickel powder usually has a high specific surface area and good reactivity. Additionally, by adjusting atomization process parameters, nickel powder with different particle sizes, shapes, and densities can be obtained. For example, lower gas pressure and higher spray speed can produce smaller particles, while higher gas pressure and lower spray speed can produce larger particles.

  Our factory’s superfine nickel powder products are produced using a water atomization process with inert gas and ultra-high-pressure water as the medium.

  This product features high bulk density, irregular shape, fine particle size, stable composition, low carbon content, high reactivity, and stable shrinkage ratio. It can partially replace carbonyl nickel powder in the powder metallurgy parts industry. It has lower carbon content than carbonyl nickel powder, making it easier to stabilize part dimensions and reduce production costs.

Product Chemical Components(%) Apparent Density(g/cm³) Particle Size Composition(µm)
Superfine Nickel Powder
Ni: ≥99.5
D50: 9.0~14.0

*The composition and particle size of the product can be adjusted according to specific customer requirements.

  Superfine nickel powder has advantages such as a high specific surface area, good compressibility, and chemical reactivity, making it widely applicable in various fields.

  First, superfine nickel powder can be used to prepare metal composite materials. By mixing it with other metal or non-metal powders, composite materials with specific properties can be obtained, such as nickel-iron alloys, nickel-cobalt alloys, and nickel-based superalloys.

  Second, superfine nickel powder has extensive applications in catalyst preparation. As a base material, its surface chemical properties can be altered by adding other substances to achieve specific catalytic reactions. For example, superfine nickel powder can be used to prepare catalysts for hydrogen production and sulfuric acid production reactions.

  Furthermore, superfine nickel powder can be used to prepare battery electrode materials. In the field of batteries such as lithium-ion and nickel-metal hydride batteries, nickel powder serves as an electrode material, improving battery energy density and cycle life.

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