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reduced iron powder

Reduced Iron Powder

Reduced iron powder is a metal powder produced by reducing iron salts using a reducing agent like hydrogen or carbon monoxide at high temperatures. It has wide applications in various industrial and scientific fields.

atomized iron powder

Atomized Iron Powder

Atomized iron powder is a fine metallic powder produced through a process called atomization. The process involves melting iron and then spraying it into a controlled environment, causing the molten iron to disperse into small droplets.

carbonyl iron powder

Carbonyl Iron Powder

Carbonyl iron powder is a highly pure, fine iron powder created through the carbonyl process. This method involves heating iron in the presence of carbon monoxide, forming a gaseous compound that decomposes upon cooling, resulting in ultrafine iron particles.

microalloyed iron powder

Micro Alloyed Iron Powder

Micro alloyed iron powder is a type of iron powder that contains small amounts of alloying elements, improving mechanical properties and performance. These trace elements enhance the material's strength, toughness, and wear resistance.


Micro Alloyed Ultrafine Iron Powder

Micro alloyed ultrafine iron powder is a specialized iron powder that contains small amounts of alloying elements and exhibits a very small particle size. The combination of Micro alloying and ultrafine particles results in improved mechanical properties, such as enhanced strength and wear resistance.


Zinc-iron Alloy Powder

Zinc-iron alloy powder is a type of diffusion alloyed powder composed of zinc and iron elements, resulting in a material with unique properties. This alloy powder offers a combination of corrosion resistance from zinc and strength from iron. Its enhanced characteristics provide improved performance in industries where durability and resistance to wear are essential.


Copper-iron alloy powder

Copper-iron alloy powder is a type of diffusion alloyed powder composed of copper and iron elements. This unique alloy offers a combination of desirable properties from both metals, such as good thermal and electrical conductivity from copper, and high strength and magnetic properties from iron.


Superfine nickel powder

Superfine nickel powder is a high-purity, fine-grained form of nickel, characterized by its small particle size and exceptional surface area. This unique composition results in enhanced properties, such as improved reactivity, catalytic activity, and sintering performance.


Superfine phosphorus iron powder

Superfine phosphorus iron powder is a high-purity, fine-grained alloy powder composed of iron and phosphorus. It is characterized by its small particle size and excellent magnetic properties. This unique composition offers improved corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and mechanical properties.


Ductile iron powder

Ductile iron powder, also known as nodular cast iron powder, is a form of iron powder with unique graphite nodules dispersed throughout the iron matrix. This distinctive microstructure imparts enhanced ductility, toughness, and wear resistance compared to traditional gray cast iron.

other metal powder

Other Products

Ferroboron alloy powder, ferrovanadium alloy powder, ferromolybdenum powder, etc.

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High-quality customization and processing

Metal powder customization

We can produce the required quantity of metal powder products according to the specific specifications of the metal powder requested by the customer.

Metal powder processing

We perform secondary processing on the customer's metal powder products according to their requirements, providing higher added value to the customer's products.

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